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7 or Over: 33%

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 Word Scramble Demo      
Word Scramble is an addictive word game based upon the classic version that has been a mainstay of newspapers' comic sections for over a hundred years.  
  • Offer your users an entertaining way to play Word Scramble without ever buying a paper.
  • Use the game to help build your site's new and return visitor count.
  • Designed to take up little space, so it fits in most site templates easily, and allows room for banner advertising as well. 
  • Lets the player decide how many words they want to unscramble.
  • The player can also decide how difficult the words they attempt to unscramble will be.
  • Players have the option to time themselves.
  • Comes with a master word list of 5,704 words.
    • The entire list is used to make a Mixed word scramble page.
    • 1,264 four letter words are used in the Easy category.
    • 3,607 five and six letter words are used in the Average category.
    • 838 seven letter or more words are used in the Difficult category.
  • Works on Unix and Windows systems.
  • Easy to install.
  • Customize look and feel of pages easily by editing the settings in a simple configuration settings and style sheet.
  • Use "as is," or drop it into your Site's existing look.
  • Basic Installation is available. For basic or custom installation Write us for details.
  • A Web Server.
  • PHP 4.1
  • Unix or Windows Operating System

  • Single Site License:  $30.00
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