The Scripts Joint offers great discounts to those who purchase 3 or more scripts at a time. The discount rate is as follows:
3 - 4 scripts: 12%
5 - 6 scripts:  22%
7 or Over: 33%

To take advantage of these savings please contact us with a list of the scripts you want and we will send you payment instructions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Experts?
Yes, we are experts at snook fishing. Well actually we are experts at telling tales about snook fishing.

Where Can I learn About PHP?
The best place to start is at the Official PHP Site. While there, subscribe to the General PHP Mailing List for a constant flow of information concerning PHP.

When Do I Get My Order?
Generally, orders are processed Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 p.m. EST. It is however not uncommon for orders to be processed outside these hours and on weekends.

What Type Of Support Do You Offer?
At present, we offer purchasers technical support via email

How Do We Request Specific Features Be Added To A Script?
Email your wish list to us.

May I Hack Your Script?
Legally not without our prior permission, which you will have a very good chance of receiving. Since it is possible we are working on the functionality you want to add to a script, it is a good idea to see what we're up to anyway.

Will You Ever Make Your Scripts Windows Servers Compatible?
Yes. Actually all of our scripts appear to run on Windows Servers.

Will Ever Write Your Scripts in Perl?

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