The Scripts Joint offers great discounts to those who purchase 3 or more scripts at a time. The discount rate is as follows:
3 - 4 scripts: 12%
5 - 6 scripts:  22%
7 or Over: 33%

To take advantage of these savings please contact us with a list of the scripts you want and we will send you payment instructions
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Can I Get That In Red?

While our scripts are designed to fit into most site templates, we can take the process of integrating them into your site even further. Our web-ware is engineered to be customized easily, so you get what you want within a short time-frame and at a cost that isnt exorbitant. We can make our scripts look as though they were written specifically for your site.

Customizable Features Include:

  • Images can be used to reflect your sites look and feel.
  • Scripts can be integrated into your template.
  • Most need no more than 500 pixels width to fit into a site template.
  • Fonts and colors can be changed to fit your needs.
  • Text can be edited to your specifications.
  • Form fields can be added, edited, or deleted as you deem necessary.
  • Links of your choice can be inserted in the scripts.
  • Scripts can be made compatible with other web-ware on your site.

There really are very few limitations on what can be done to make our scripts be exactly what you need them to be.
Contact us today to learn more about our customization services for our scripts, or any custom script you need for your site.

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