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Shop Finder North America     
The Dynamic Sales Tool for Brick and Mortar Businesses In the USA and Canada

Price $170.00

Being found is half the sale”
Does your business have physical locations? Are you a distributor or manufacturer of goods and services sold across a the United States and Canada? Then one of the best uses of your site is to promote your company’s products and services through online brochures, catalogs, and sales material.

Shop Finder North America! Location webware for Canada and the USAHowever, there’s one key Website element that many companies forget to incorporate—and that one element can mean the difference between capturing a new customer or losing one to the competition.
What’s that element? BEING FOUND! If your Website doesn’t provide a way for consumers to find you locations, you’re losing business.

In fact, providing a “store finder” is such an effective online marketing tool that most major chains offer a “store locator” on their home page. Go to any major retailer and you’ll discover a link to “find a store near you.”

Regardless of your company’s size, you can easily add this key element to your site with our Shop Finder North America script. Shop Finder North America is easy to install, and simple to use. All your site visitors have to do is enter their zip or postal code, select the maximum distance they want to search from their zip or postal code and Shop Finder North America will create a list of your locations that fall within the search parameters.

Your Webmaster can install Shop Finder North America in less than half-an-hour, so your site visitors (potential customers) can start finding you today.

Basic or custom Shop Finder North America installation is available. Contact us for details.

Try our demos: Demo 1  Demo 2 Use 33134 for US Zip Codes and A1A 4A5 for Canadian Postal Codes.

Features of Shop Finder North America Include:
  • Use your website to support your brick and mortar locations Use your website to support your real-world locations
  • Increase your goodwill
  • A database containing nearly 1,000,000 zip and postal codes
  • Includes one and two column templates for display store locations
  • You can even use both templates on your site if you want!
  • Option to send list to the user's email address
  • Option to let users who enter an email address to get sign up for information from you company
  • Completely configurable header and footer files
  • Easy to insert in most site templates
  • Shows approximate distances of your locations from the target zip or postal code
  • Option to provide the following information for each of your stores:
    • Store Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Website URL
    • Approximate distance from the target zip or postal code
    • Option for user to get maps of location area and more precise distance from their home
    • Option to include additional information about individual stores
  • Style Sheet to make altering the look and feel of the script easy.
  • Use limiter, so you have some control over how many times a user can access the script
  • Referrer check to help thwart use of the script off your site.
  • Database table installer, so you don't have to wrestle with that gigantic zip and postal code tables.
  • To make managing your locations easier, the admin section can list all locations on a single page, or by a specific zip or postal code, or alphabetically.
  • Admin functions also include Adding Locations, configure what options the script uses, edit and delete records, view email addresses of users who opted to have the results mailed to them, keep tables orderly so they work efficiently.
  • Easy to install.
  • Customize look and feel of pages easily.
  • Use "as is," or drop it into your Site's existing look.
  • Easy to use admin section to add, edit and delete store locations.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Free email support
  • Free upgrades and fixes for 1 year
  • Access to our regularly updated zip code database
  • A Web Server.
  • PHP 4.1 or higher
  • MySql Database Access
  • Windows or Unix Operating System

  • Single Site License:  $170.00
  • Single Site License With Basic Installation:  $200.00 Please contact us about installations before ordering
 Demo 1  Demo 2  Try our demos: Demo 1  Demo 2
Use 33134 for US Zip Codes and A1A 4A5 for Canadian Postal Codes.

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