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Personal Tarot Card Generator
While The Tarot is usually used to explore personal issues through readings, it is also possible to combine Numerology and Tarot to establish a set of personal Tarot cards based upon your name and birth date. Your personal set is of cards is very different from a reading. First, with the exception of the Growth Cards, the set never changes. Cards may repeat within your set too. Finally while readings usually focus on transient influences and events, the cards in your personal set represent influences that will be with you through your entire life.
  • Offer your users the opportunity to create a set of Tarot cards that identifies the underlying forces which will prevail through their entire life
  • Draw new visitors and increase return visitors.
  • 10 cards are used to explore 5 different life themes:
    • Core Cards -- Identifies the foundation forces that will power you through life
    • Power Cards -- Identifies the influences you will gain strength from
    • Desire Cards -- Identifies your primal ambitions and goals
    • Growth Cards -- Identifies the influences which will favor you for the coming year.
    • Lucky Cards -- Identifies the forces that will bring you good luck.
  • Very Easy To Install.
  • Customize look and feel of pages easily.
  • Change wording of pages easily.
  • Use "as is," or drop it into your Site's existing look.
  • Basic Installation is available. For basic or custom installation Write us before purchasing.
  • A Web Server.
  • PHP 4 or higher
  • MySql Database Access
  • UNIX or Windows Operating Systems

  • Single Site License:  $40.00
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