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Run Multiple Polls On Your Site! 
Pollster is a PHP voting script that allows multiple polls on the same page.

One of the most difficult tasks facing webmasters is creating fresh content that will consistently attract new visitors and turn them into "regulars." A great way of doing this is by creating polls. Polls are an excellent way to create a steady stream of new content for your site, because they do not take hours to make, and Everyone Loves to Express Their Opinion. Of course polls can become even more of a site magnet by allowing your visitors to vote on topics they have an interest in. If you poll the right topics you will get people coming to and back to your site because of your polls. Polls can also provide you with valuable information about your site's visitors--what they like and don't like--that can be used to make your site more appealing to your audience.


Pollster -- our multi-poll PHP script -- is designed to make short work of creating a variety of polls for your site. With Pollster you can have as many polls on a page as you want, and when setup as directed the poll results will display right on your page! Your polls can have 2 to 6 responses. Each poll can have its own look and feel, or share the same style with other polls. Click here to see how versatile Pollster is.


Demonstration Polls:


Pollster Features Include:
  • Quickly create fresh content for your site
  • Gather information about your site's users
  • Helps build site traffic
  • Increases your goodwill
  • Deploy multiple polls on the same page
  • Functions to fight against ballot box stuffing
  • Have polls with completely different styles without having to design separate templates
  • Create, edit or delete polls from Pollster's powerful admin section
  • Create, edit and save a variety of styles for your polls.
  • Poll style creation is aided by advanced features like a color picker to help you choose the perfect colors for your polls.
  • Easy to install
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Free email support
  • Free upgrades for 1 year following purchase
  • Basic or custom Pollster installation is available. Contact us for details.

Get Pollster today and your site can be setup to be a Voting Machine tonight!

  • A Web Server.
  • PHP 4.1 or higher
  • MySql Database Access
  • Windows or Unix Operating System

  • Single Site License:  $25.00
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