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 Cookbook Online Version 3.0 Standard Edition  Demo    
Whether you your site is devoted to cooking or it has absolutely nothing to do with cooking, Cookbook Online can help you grow your user base. Why? Because everyone loves food! And a library of easily viewed recipes can help even the most staid site create a sense of community, strengthen user loyalty, and increase new user visits. Cookbook Online not only allows you to treat your visitors to very popular content, but even lets them add to your cookbook! People love sites that allow them to contribute to the site's content, and every time a visitor adds a recipe or review to your cookbook you've gained fresh content without having to do so much as make a keystroke! Clearly Cookbook Online is an ideal product for anyone who wants to ramp up the popularity of their site.

Features of Cookbook Online Include:
  • Create a Cookbook on your site.
  • Comes with an assortment of recipes.
  • Language file to make editing/translating page text easier.
  • Style Sheet to make altering the look and feel of the script easier.
  • Header and footer file you can drop banner adds into.
  • Header and footer files come configured to give you the option to insert your Google AdSense Ads, or some other affiliate ad, or nothing at all.
  • Draw new visitors and increase return visitors.
  • Option to allow users to contribute their favorite recipes.
    • Save time by allowing your site's visitors to add their favorite recipes to your cookbook
    • Ability to review/edit contributions before they go live on your site
  • Users may run a keyword search on recipe database.
  • Displays current number of recipes in database.
  • Webmasters may allow users to upload images of recipes.
    • to see examples select these links: 1  2
  • Multi Spam protection for all forms.
    • Ability to filter out contributions that contain terms that are prevalent in spam
    • Simple to manage and very effective visual verification system to help reduce spam bot attacks
  • Your users can review the recipes in your cookbook
    • Ability to review/edit contributions before they go live on your site
  • Users may rate recipes.
  • Integrated site referral form
  • Display recipe categories by type and ethnic/regional cuisine.
  • Displays latest entries and highest rated recipes
  • Alphabetical index of recipes
  • Print friendly version of recipes for users to print or save to their computer.

Features of Cookbook Online Admin Section Include:

  • Add, delete, or edit recipes easily
  • Add, delete, or edit reviews easily
  • Add, delete, or edit categories easily
  • Make added recipes/reviews immediately viewable or review them first.
  • Admin section follows the same structure as the public section of the script, so it is easier to work with.
  • Admin email notification of new additions.
  • Hit counter to track most often viewed recipes.
  • Ability to edit visual verification system from admin section
  • To see a screenshot of the main admin page click here

Other Features:

  • Easy to install.
  • Customize look and feel of pages easily.
  • Use "as is," or drop it into your Site's existing look.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Basic Installation is available. For custom installation Write us for details.
  • A Web Server.
  • PHP 3 or 4
  • MySql Database Access
  • Windows or Unix Operating System

  • Single Site License:  $55.00
  • Single Site License With Basic Installation:  $75
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