Positive Traits: Cosmic Knowledge, Wisdom, Free-Will, Truth, Purity, Love, Justice, Integrity, Compassion, Hope
General Description:
In numerology the number 0 is only used to represent a Challenge. 0 is considered by most numerologists to be a number exclusive to "old souls," those who have journeyed through many lives. Those with a 0 challenge number have profound spiritual knowledge and a sense of right on a cosmic scale.
The 0 signifies the full circle. It can encompass all the Challenges of the numbers 1 through 9, or none of them. This is because owners of a 0 challenge are truly the masters of their own destiny. They may choose to face all challenges or none. The bearer of a 0 Challenge is by nature extremely passionate. They will love with a depth which is often incomprehensible to most others. Often the word "genius" may be used when referring to a 0 Challenge holder. However, being completely free to express their genius as they see fit, they may disappoint those around them by letting their special gift lie fallow. Should someone carrying a 0 Challenge decide to face it, the actual test they may face probably involves balancing the depth of their love for individuals, as well as humankind, with their own needs.

Tarot: The Fool
Astrology: Uranus, Neptune
Rune: Fehu
Shamanism: Snowy Owl
Alchemy: Sky/Air
Aura: White Light
Colors: Transparent
Gemstone: Diamond
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