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Your Pyramid Spread
The cards and their meanings used in this spread are selected randomly. Cards next to or above your personal card (highlighted in red) are considered close to you. Cards below your personal card are considered distant cards. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image of the cards. Scroll down to see their meanings.
You have 5 (50 percent) favorable cards and 5 unfavorable cards in your spread.

The Lillies signify a happy life full of accomplishments and good deeds. Well done!

The Dog indicates you have a true and lasting friendship to rely on. Besides good health, a true friend is life's greatest gift. Do not neglect this relationship.

The Letter reprsents the coming of good news. This may be news you have been waiting for, or a totally unexpected windfall. Regardless of which, enjoy it!

The Book represents a secret of great importance. This secret may be an indiscretion or a deception that could upset your current life's path.

The Fish indicate great fortune will be yours.

The Key indicates you will know some failures.

The Coffin foretells a minor illness to you or some one near you.

The Trefoil indicates you may experience a period of bad luck. Fortunately, this period will pass--be patient and persevere.

The Bear is a sign of good luck, but also carries a warning for you to be wary of those who envy you.

The Serpent always represents bad luck. In this case your bad luck will be slight and pass quickly.
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Get Another Reading  Interpreting Your Cards
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