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Your Near and Far Spread.
This spread uses 6 cards that are close to you and 6 that are far from you. Your six near cards surround your personal card (at the center of your spread). Your distant cards make up the perimeter of the spread. Click on the thumbnails to see large versions of the cards. Scroll down to view the meanings of individual cards.

You have 8 (67 percent) unfavorable cards and 4 favorable cards in your spread.

Cards that are near You:
The Anchor indicates success and profit from your endeavors. Now is a good time for you aggressively work towards your goals.
The Bear is a sign of very good luck. Do not forget to share your good fortune with those around you.
The Roads indicate you will have troubles and obstacles to overcome along your path. Try to remember there are few things which cannot be overcome.
The Ring signifies great luck in love. If you have an established relationship you are with your life's mate. If you are single, expect to meet the love of your life soon.
The Lillies signify a happy life full of accomplishments and good deeds. Well done!
The Castle is a sign you will attain old age, and while you will experience setbacks like the rest of us your life will be a very fulfilling one.
Cards that are far from You:
The Coffin foretells a minor illness to you or some one near you.
The Letter indicates you may recieve bad news soon. Naturally we all receive bad news at times. Hopefully yours will be minor.
The Trefoil indicates you may experience a period of bad luck. Fortunately, this period will pass--be patient and persevere.
The Fish represent financial struggles you must overcome.
The Cross considerable bad luck you will have work hard to overcome.
The Garden Forest indicates you may have false friends near you. It may be time for you to cull out those around you who are only superficially your friends before they hurt you.
Get Another Reading  Interpreting Your Cards
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