Your Star Guide Spread
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Your Present Situation

Page of Wands

This card represents courage and beauty, a quickness to love as well as anger. A carrier of tidings and information.

The Cause of Your Conflicts and Obstacles

The Eight of Wands

Things done hastily will prove to be poorly done. Think and plan before setting crucial actions into motion.

The Changes You Need to Make to Face Your Challenges

Four of Wands

Work will be well done. Peace and harmony will be realized.

Your Strengths

Nine of Swords

Sorrow, loss and impossible burdens may be present or near.

Other Challenges

The Hanged Man Reversed

The reversed Hanged Man represents a preoccupation with the worldly and wasted energy. This is the card of false prophecy and time wasted.

The Final Outcome

Taurus Reversed

Taurus reversed represents unwarranted stubborness and impulsiveness.

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